Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Books!

Can you believe that June is done?!! Where has the time gone?! Of course, we are feeling the scorching summer heat in full blast here in summer in the Phoenix area.  Even with temps in the 110's, we are still out trying to find great book bargains, and we've found some these past two weeks to share with you!
First I found a nice copy of Walt Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" adapted by Teddy Slater, illustrated by Franc Mateu. This is a great Little Golden Book from 1996.
Next is Disney's Aladdin "The Magic Carpet Ride" adapted by Teddy Slater Margulies, illustrated by Kenny Thompkins, and painted by Gary Eggleston. This Little Golden Book is from 1993.
The next Little Golden Book I found was Walt Disney's "Bambi" based on the original story by Felix Salten, illustrated by Ron Dias. Another 1996 book in great shape.
I don't normally go for the Hunchback books, but I found a great copy of  Disney's The Hunchback of NotreDame "Quasimodo's New Friend" from 1996. It's another Little Golden Book by Justine Korman, illustrated by Serge Michaels and Edward Gutierrez.
I love finding great copies of the classics, and this Little Golden Book of Walt Disney's "Pinocchio" is no exception. This book is almost brand new (I only show a copyright date of 1953 but the website is listed on the book!) and has hardly been opened. This version is adapted by Steffi Fletcher and illustrated by Al Dempster.
This is not one of my favorite books, but maybe the baby will like it. This is a Little Golden Book of Pooh called "Eeyore, Be Happy!" It's written by Don Ferguson and is from 1991.
Next I found a Little Golden Book of Disney's "Pocahontas." This version is adapted by Justine Korman and illustrated by Don Williams, and is from 1995.
Next I found an excellent copy of Walt Disney's "Peter Pan"Little Golden Book. This copy is from 1989, and is adapted by Eugene Bradley Coco and illustrated by Ron Dias.
Can you tell how vintage this one is by the bar code printed on the front? lol, anyway it's a Little Golden Book of "Walt Disney Productions' Mickey's Christmas Carol." Printed in 1983, this book does not list an author (or adapter) or illustrator. Still a nice way to introduce Dickens to the little ones.

Fast forward to the next trip and I found some really great books:
I found "Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?" by Theo. LeSieg. What a great Dr. Seuss find!
Another great Dr. Seuss find is "In A People House" by Theo. LeSieg. Both books are illustrated by Roy McKie.
Next I found "Frogs in Clogs" by Sheila White Samton.
Here's a cute copy of "Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?" by Eleanor Hudson, illustrated by Joe Mathieu.
I also found "Wings on Things" by Marc Brown.
A cool find on this day was "The World of Dick and Jane and Friends." This is a relatively new book with several Dick and Jane stories included.

Fast forward again! (I know, it's been too long since I've posted!) Next visit I found a few cool books:
"The Going to Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton. A nice board book I've been looking for for quite a while!
"One Little Duck," a baby Blue's Clues book. A super simple board book, but my son loves Blue's Clues so I bought it!
This little board book has fast become a favorite of ours. It's "I Spy Little Letters" with rhymes by Jean Marzollo, photographs by Walter Wick. Such a great little book!
Since I started purchasing Hunchback books, now I had to purchase another. It's Disney's The Hunchback of NotreDame "Quasimodo the Hero." This story is by Barbara Bazaldua, and illustrated by Don Williams, and is from 1997.
I found a great copy of "Stuart Little" by E.B.White. It's a Special Read-Aloud Edition and has large print and pictures inside and was printed in 1999.
I figured I'd start my Look and Find collection with this beauty, "Thomas & Friends." Little one isn't quite ready for this one, but it's ready when he is!
These next two titles are very exciting for me! I found two copies in perfect shape of large Richard Scarry books! The first is "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go." This book is actually a Golden book, and was printed in 2004.
The second is "What Do People Do All Day?" I can't tell when this was printed, I'm sure it's newer than the latest copyright date inside (1979). There's text on the inside covers even. I was so excited to get each title for $1.49. Nice!
Last but not least on this shopping trip, "Elmo & Friends - First Look and Find." Very cool! We LOVE these books (my son does too!) so it's cool, even if it did cost $3 (not bad compared to the $8 it costs if new).

I'll stop there for now, there are more finds but will have to start a new post.

Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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  1. Great finds! We especially love the Alice and Wonderland book and the Richard Scary books. Stay cool and enjoy the new books!