Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Board Books A to Z - E

Time to keep our little series going with board books, today we're looking at our board books that start with the letter E.
"Eency Weency Spider" by Margaret Wang, illustrated by Claudia Rueda, and designed by Treesha Runnells (what's the difference again between the illustrator and the designer?). I bought the smaller book from a bargain book bin at a grocery store a while back. While the concept was cute, the story kinda didn't make a lot of sense. Then finally I found the larger book at Savers not long ago, and now I understand. Apparently they skipped some lines for the smaller book. So the bigger book is our favorite now. There's a button at the top right corner where it's supposed to play music, but that feature is gone, and it says on the book that the battery is not replaceable. Boo!
Next is "Eight Silly Monkeys" illustrated by Steven Haskamp. This is a cute little book that almost got ruined recently with a toddler pouring milk onto it. Yes, it's my toddler, and no, we aren't over that phase. Sigh! And then lastly, "Elmer's Friends" by David McKee. It's a cute little book about a patchwork elephant named Elmer who visits all his different friends.

I have featured three books today with little die-cut animals, the concept is really cute. A quick search at shows there are many more of these books:

"Ten Little Ladybugs" by Melanie Gerth, illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith.

"Ten Rubber Duckies - A Wacky Counting Adventure" by Dawn Bentley and illustrated by Heather Cahoon.
"Good Night, Sweet Butterflies - A Color Dreamland" by Dawn Bentley, illustrated by Heather Cahoon, Melanie Gerth as draft writer.
"Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees - An Animal Sounds Book" also by Dawn Bentley, illustrated by Heather Cahoon, Melanie Gerth as draft writer.
"Five Little Piggies - Count Down from Five to One!" illustrated by Steve Haskamp.
"Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?" by Margaret Wang, illustrated by Christine Schneider.
"Ten Wishing Stars - A Countdown to Bedtime Book" by Treesha Runnells and illustrated by Sarah Dillard.

"Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars" by Debbie Tarbett.
"Ten Tiny Tadpoles" by Debbie Tarbett.
And last, but not least, "Ten Friendly Fish" by Debbie Tarbett.

These would be some great finds at your local thrift store. What die-cut books do you have and love?

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Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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  1. Adorable books! I have seen a few of them. I did not realize there were so many of that type--not sure what you call them :)