Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nothing about books...

Nope, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with books today. Sister and I went to Goodwill again just to look around. (We had some 20% off coupons, thanks to Blue Eyed Owl!) This particular store's book section was small and uninspiring. So, sis and I moved on to other things like clothes, furniture, purses, and finally we found shoes...I happened across a pair of Chinese Laundry wedges, and then it was like a tornado of shoes hit the floor in front of us and the stroller, and we ended up both walking away with two pairs of shoes (oh, and sis got a shirt of two also, but no pics of that). The Chinese Laundry wedges were marked at $6.99, but they were a blue tag which was half price that day. So I got them for $3.50. Then sis found a pair of Montego Bay Club wedges which were sooo cute with a buckle on the front and stripes on the current must have. I kinda stole those from her, they were so comfortable, and I ended up wearing them the rest of the day. Here they are:
Are they not as cute as can be? Wow and comfy too (did I already say that? sorry!) Here are the rest of the shoes we bought yesterday.
The ones on the far right are Guess patent brown wedges, I found these on Ebay for $45 starting bid, we bought them for $6. The middle pair are the Chinese Laundry pair, and sister got a cute pair of flip-flops from a JC Penney brand. All in all, a GREAT thrift find!

Here's a better pic of the Guess shoe from the Ebay auction:
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Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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  1. Those are great finds! Me and my sister would have been fighting over them!