Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodwill Half Price Day - Cinco de Mayo

It's always a great day when it's half-price day at Goodwill! We got a few bargains, a couple pairs of shorts for the hubs, a movie (Total Recall), a good sized Little Tykes dump truck and a huge bag of Mega Blocks for the baby, and of course, books! I won't bore you with the other stuff, but here are the books we got:
First, a couple of Baby Einstein board books. "Sweet Dreams, Mimi" by Julie Aigner-Clark, illustrations by Nadeem Zaidi. A cute little book where the mother monkey shares pictures with baby Mimi so she'll have sweet dreams. Next is "See and Spy Colors," concept by Julie Aigner-Clark and illustrations also by Nadeem Zaidi.
Hardover books: "Little Girls Bible Storybook for Mothers & Daughters" by Carolyn Larsen, illustrated by Caron Turk. My daughter had this book, and it was cute, so I bought it for my neice, who just turned 5. Next is a nice hardcover version of "Kenny & The Dragon" by Tony DiTerlizzi (the author of "The Spiderwick Chronicles). This book had such a great cover and was in such great condition, and $.75 for a chapter book is a deal.
Now to the Little Golden Books. First, "Words" by Selma Lola Chambers and illustrated by Louis Cary. This book is from 1974 and is in pretty good shape. Next, "Heidi" adapted from the original story by Johanna Spyri, pictures by Corinne Malvern. This book is in perfect shape from 1982.
Next is "Grandma and Grandpa Smith" by Edith Kunhardt, illustrated by Terri Super, from 1985. 
I also found a few Bible stories in LGB form. "Noah's Ark" by Barbara Shook Hazen, pictures by Tibor Gergely is from 1969. This book has a price tag from B. Dalton"The Story of Jonah" adapted from The Book of Jonah by Pamela Broughton, illustrated by Roberta Collier. This was printed in 1986 and it's interesting because the back cover was bound upside-down onto the book. I've never seen one like that, have you?
Next is "David and Goliath" by Barbara Shook Hazen and illustrated by Robert J. Lee. Can anybody recognize that price tag up top? It looks familiar but can't place it.
I also found some Christmas books. "The Animals' Christmas Eve" by Gale Wiersum, illustrated by Jim Robison is from 1977. And finally, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Barbara Shook Hazen, adapted from the story by Robert L. May, illustrated by Richard Scarry. Cool! Who knew he did other books besides his own!

Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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  1. Nice haul! I braved the GW half off sale, too....but I couldn't get anywhere near the books! Our stores get so crowded on sale day that it's hard to even navigate the aisles.