Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bookish Links

Saturday is Goodwill's 50% off day.  Be looking for a post this weekend showing all the good stuff I find!  Until then, I've found some rather interesting links for you to check out.  I could spend hours and hours at some of these sites - enjoy!

Book Dedications - - Loads of dedications found in second-hand books.

Why I love Second-hand books! - such a great article talking about all the good things second-hand books bring.

Forgotten Bookmarks - - fascinating blog written by a bookseller, logging things lost between the pages of his books.  I could spend hours here!

Awful Library Books - - just a couple of librarians who comment on outdated books contained in actual libraries.  Amusing.

And finally, when you have an extra minute or two, take this Opening Lines Book Quiz and see how well you remember your books!

See you this weekend!

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