Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodwill 50% off 3/10/12

We had a good run at Goodwill yesterday.  We ended up going to 2 different Goodwill stores and wound up getting some good deals.  In total, I figured that if I had paid retail on all the books, I would have spent $139, but I spent $14 total on everything.

Here are the goodies from the first store.  I bought a few more Nancy Drew books to add to my collection.  Turns out one was a duplicate - I definitely need a better way to keep track of which books in the series I need and which ones I already have.

I bought several board books for the baby.  A few things to watch for when looking for board books:  Make sure the pages are clean, and the edges need to be pretty clean and not torn up.  Many times I've been able to find board books that are pretty much brand new.  These that I bought yesterday looked pretty good so I'm happy!

This is the first picture from the 2nd store.  No board books here, but some good Scholastic books, a Kohl's Cares book illustrated by Eric Carle, a Raggedy Ann book (not really old, but a nice book), and a classic story called "The Country Mouse and The City Mouse."  I also picked up a copy of "Stone Soup," a classic I remember from school, and "Good Night Gorilla" another classic.

The 2nd picture from the 2nd store includes 3 Little Golden Books ("The Littlest Christmas Elf," "The Little Mermaid," and "The Lion King No Worries").  I also bought "Witty and Zoom Zoom" by Suzy Spafford, and a cute board book called "I Udderly Love You!" 

I love the Little Golden Books, and each of them cost me $.35 today.  The "I Udderly Love You!" book is so cute!  It's about a cow talking about how much she loves her little calf.  She says things like, I love you when you're MOO-dy!  It's adorable.  And it's a tall book, but has hard pages, so it is good to read to the baby now!

Nothing in my stash yesterday cost more than $1.00 and many were quite a bit less.  That's a good amount of books for one Goodwill day.  Two weeks until the next shopping trip!   I'll update here on more issues until then so stay tuned!

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