Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saver's Haul - Edition II

I signed up for a Saver's Club card online this week.  The site said that when you sign up and pick up your card you are eligible for 25% off your entire order.  Sign me up any day for a sweet deal like that!

Also, every Thursday is 25% off everything!  Savers, you are my new favorite for during-the-week shopping!

Here are my purchases:

Four hardcover books -

1.  "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell - an Educator Classic Library book, complete and unabridged from 1969.  The book is larger than most novels, but has various definitions in the margins, making it perfect for school-age kids.  Love it!

2.  "The Great Ice Ship Bear - Eighty-Nine Years in Polar Seas" by Polly Burroughs.  This book is from 1970 and previously belonged to the Benson Elementary Library in Benson Arizona.

3.  "Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators in The Mystery of the Nervous Lion" with text by Nick West and illustrated by Harry Kane.  This is such a cool looking book with the fancy inside covers.  It was copyrighted in 1971 and includes illustrations every few pages.

4.  "The Trumpet of the Swan" by E.B. White.  It's a book club edition but copyrighted in 1970 and it's by E.B. White.  'Nuff said. 

For kids books I found these:

1.  "Yummy Yummy!  Food for my Tummy!" by Sam Lloyd and illustrated by none other than Jack Tickle!!  Of course, I LOVE the pictures! and the book is in good shape. 

2.  "Whose Tail Is This?" a lift-a-flap book.  I was so excited to find this in good condition because a few months back I had found "Whose Nose Is This?" in brand new condition at a Goodwill and my son loves it!  I have high hopes for this book!

3.  "Elmer's Friends" by David McKee.  A cute little board book with a story about a patchwork elephant.  Simple and perfect for a 15-month-old!

4.  "Baby Animals on the Farm" - a First Little Golden Book.  I suspect that the First Little Golden Books are going to be harder to find since they probably got played with pretty roughly by the little ones these books were intended for.  This one is in perfect shape so I'm thrilled to have found it. 

This is a great find for a mid-week shopping trip!  Have you found any great values in books?

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