Monday, April 23, 2012

Board Books A to Z - "B"

Day two of the A to Z series, I'm taking you all the way through the alphabet with my board books.

First is a little set of puffy books I bought from Big Lots long ago. I think they were $2 each then, I probably wouldn't pay that price now, but I would be missing out. These are great books my son loves. There's "Baby Bug 1 2 3," "Baby Bug Hugs," and "Baby Bug A B C" all by Dena Fishbein. These little books have the cutest illustrations, and each one ends with a hug!

Next are a couple of the books from Elmo's World, a lift the flap series. "Babies!" and "Balls!" We originally found the "Food!" book at a thrift store, and our son loved it! Then we found a whole set of four books at Costco, so we paid about $8 for all 4. Well worth it!

Next are a couple of Big Bird books. The first one doesn't even have a title on the front, but it's all about Big Bird taking pictures for his photo album. There are little buttons on the bottom with sounds. Then, I found "Big Bird's Guessing Game About Shapes" at a library sale not long ago.

Lastly, there has to be some board books about Baby, right? I have three. "Baby Farm Animals" is a board book version of a Little Golden Book, illustrated by Garth Williams. "Baby's A B C" by Neil Ricklen is a book with pictures of real babies with a puffy cover. And "Baby Day" is part of a set we found at Goodwill a long time ago. It's a touch and feel book with a mirror attached. This and the other books in this series are put out by Priddy Books. They've been a joy for my son since he was just teeny.

Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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