Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Board Books A to Z - "D"

Good morning all! Today we'll take a look at the books the baby and I read that start with the letter D.

First, "Dumpy and His Pals" by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, illustrated by Tony Walton. This is a simple little book illustrating several trucks and the sounds they make. My son loves this book, and I think it's cool that it's co-written by Julie Andrews.

Next is a large board book called Danny the Duck. There are a series of four of these books, and they've been a big hit in our home.
Next is "Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, Five Fish!" by Dr. Seuss. Is it sad when part of your life is deciding if this book should have been included in the D section for Dr. Seuss, or the O section for One Fish...anyway, the book has little sliding fish at the top, and for some reason my son has not read this one too much. We'll keep trying.

Next is "Daddy and Me" by Karen Katz. Another by one of my favorite authors for babies, and the boy loves this one too.

"Dory" is a little Disney series book (others include Nemo, Marlin, and Gill) based on the movie "Finding Nemo." I think Dory is my favorite. On the last page of the book, Dory acts like she's never met us before and says "Hi! My name is Dory, and this is my, HEY, have we met before?" Ha, it's so cute.

That's it for the D section. Be looking for some new thrifting posts later this week! Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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