Friday, April 20, 2012

Savers Shopping Trip

Recently, my sister and I visited Saver's again. On Thursdays they have 25% off everything with your Saver's card. That's hard to resist. Here's the lowdown!

My son is so into trucks right now, it's truly not funny. Especially when we're riding in the car and he's constantly pointing to anything with wheels and yelling "Shuck! Shuck! Shuck!" It's so cute! So we got this "truckload" of trucks for him! The big one is a plastic Tonka, nice!

Next is a selection of board books. First, "Busy Buddy, A Busy Bugz Glitter Book" illustrated by Bill Bolton. It's a little confusing, definitely a book for boys, but there are glitter pages (the hammer on the cover is glitter). I suppose it's for the babies to recognize the bright colors. Next I bought "The Wikki Stix Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues!" There are supposed to be some kind of creatables, but those weren't attached. I still like the pictures, bright and fun. Next is "Disney's Pooh's Birthday Book." Pooh board books are hard to find.

The next couple are large picture books. First, "Children's First Book of Animals." It's a very tall book with lots of pictures and information. Next is "The Magical Snowman" by Catherine Walters and illustrated by Alison Edgson. It's a cute picture book with a sparkly snowman throughout. Can't wait to read this one.

Next are two picture board books by Sesame Beginnings: "At the Zoo" and "Bubbles, Bubbles." The store did have a Cookie Monster book, but it was not in good shape, boo!!

Next is two small Little Golden Books and an Arch Book. Did anyone have Arch Books as kids? I remember my Grandma had a bunch of them, and we used to love them! This one "The Lord Calls Samuel" is the first one I've seen in a long time and I'm happy I found it! It's written by Susan Hammond and illustrated by Elizabeth Swisher.

I also found "Katie the Kitten" a First Little Golden Book, written by Kathryn and Byron Jackson, illustrated by Leslie Morrill. There's a teeny price tag at the back inside cover that says $.10! This one is only from the 80's, so it's not as old as it looks. The next one is Disney's Tangled, adapted by Ben Smiley, illustrated by Victoria Ying. Vintage 2010..heehee.

Now on to the Little Golden Books. "Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp" adapted by Teddy Slater, illustrated by Bill Langley and Ron Dias. This copy is from 1991. "Rumplestiltskin" from Grimms' Fairy Tales, illustrated by William J. Dugan, also from 1991."Toy Story 3" is also vintage from 2010, adapted by Annie Auerbach, illustrated by Adrian Molina, and designed by Tony Fejeran. (What's the difference between illustrated by and designed by?)

Next is "Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop" illustrations by The Walt Disney Studio, adapted by Al Dempster. It has one copyright date of 1950, but I know this one is newer. "Disney's The Lion King" is next, adapted by Justine Korman, illustrated by Don Williams and H. R. Russell, from 1994. "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" adapted by Teddy Slater, illustrated by Ric Gonzalez and Ron Dias, from 1991.

Lastly, I found "Chicken Little" retold by Stella Williams Nathan, illustrated by June Goldsborough, and this one is from 1973. "Thumbelina" by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Jan Palmer, from 1994. "The Little Red Caboose" by Marian Potter, pictures by Tibor Gergel. This book has copyright date 1953 but it's newer also. The last book is "Precious Moments - Put on a Happy Face." This one is by Debbie Wiersma, illustrated by Samuel J. Butcher and it's from 1992. It's probably my least favorite, I was never a Precious Moments fan, but maybe my son or others will be interested in it. It's in good condition and I can't pass up a good Little Golden Book.

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Enjoy your day and your latest book!

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